Ergo-NOW: An Ergonomic Tool for Clients Powered by the Monjaras & Wismeyer Group

The Ergo-NOW website has been exclusively developed for Monjaras & Wismeyer Group customers. We want to be your primary resource for all your ergonomic needs.

Ergo-NOW was developed as a tool to assist our clients in identifying and meeting the ergonomic needs of their workforce.

But what is ergonomics, and why does it matter for your company?

Some may find a bit of confusion in regards to the meaning of office ergonomics. By definition, it is the study of efficiency in a work environment. But it’s more than just efficiency for those who manage offices.

Good workplace ergonomics creates a workplace that helps maintain the health and safety of each employee. This is possible by providing equipment that helps relieve physical stress and prevent workplace injuries caused by how long you stay in one position or what actions are done on a daily basis. Evaluating your office’s ergonomics also helps to create reasonable accommodations for any employee who requires them.

Ergo-NOW approach to ergonomic workstation evaluations and assessments is based on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We hope the tools in this website will assist you in meeting your current ergonomic needs in the most immediate and cost-effective manner.

The basic concept of this website is based on GOOD, BETTER, and BEST models of services. You can choose how you would like to work with us in meeting your current ergonomic needs.


The GOOD concept model provides employers with basic / primary tools and information. They will need to have their employees complete a self-administered ergonomic assessment. By using our web based tools, assortment of self-evaluation forms, tip sheets, and our equipment catalogue, you can resolve your current ergonomic needs and self-procure your equipment needs.


The BETTER concept model provides employers with a head start and assistance in identifying equipment needs. These can be purchased through Ergo-NOW at competitive prices to meet your current budget and ergonomic needs. Surf our equipment catalogue for the most current innovations in ergonomic equipment. Give us a call for an equipment quote. We can provide delivery, installation and training of any equipment purchased through this option.


The BEST model concept provides full service ergonomic/work assessment evaluations. We handle your ergonomic project from A to Z. Our consultants will work with you from the initial on-site evaluation, to recommending equipment, ordering equipment, installing equipment and training your employee how to use equipment provided. We can serve as your full service Ergonomic Department.

Whatever your ergonomic needs may be, we are here to help. We want to be your primary resource for all your ergonomic needs. We achieve this through prompt service and competitive equipment pricing. Whether it’s a basic question/direction, need of a replacement part for an existing piece of ergonomic equipment or a full ergonomic evaluation, we are here to help.

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